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Hello there. I am Rikku Otanashi. I am a vampire so beware, I do indeed bite.

M!A: None.

Face Claim: Michelle Trachtenberg

Snow. A wonderful thing that came every Winter time. The cold was something most people hated but avampire?No, it didn’t bother them. In fact, this vampire enjoyed everything cold. It was an element that she loved. So peaceful.

Rikku was a loner kind. Kind but she seemed cold, like the ice and snowy flakes she liked. Chocolate locks to her hips, pale perfected-seeming skin, and a curvy figure. Vampires sure were a perfected appearance with a bitter, hated inside.

Wearing nothing more than a pair of skinny jeans, a black tank, and a pair of black and white sneakers, she was waltzing around the forest, smiling.

"Ah, snow. How I love thee..~ So beautiful and perfect, not a flaw to be seen…~"She chuckled, gazing at the white blanket-like fluff surrounding her.

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